Know your business

Publisher Intelligence

These solutions give a publisher end-to-end insight into their entire operation

Point of Sale Print and Digital

Analyze fully integrated point of sale data across both print and digital channels. Directly compare a title’s print and digital performance, along with historic trending reports.

Retail Availability Alerts and Custom Reports

Monitor your entire catalog’s placement and availability across the all major online retailers. Set real-time alerts and create customize reports to ensure that your key titles are on sale when and where you expect them to be. Use advanced tools to highlight problems with findability and poor placement.

Social Trends Listen to the Buzz

Harness social network trends and correlate with sales. Use our customized online social trending and performance solutions to keep a close eye on your hot titles during their critical first months.

Pubilsher Data Warehousing Get the Big Picture

Implement a fully customized publisher data warehouse. Unlock the power of your day-to-day data collection by deploying a purpose built data warehouse designed to allow you to rapidly report across all dimensions of your business.

Tame Your Data

Data Management

Working with verified data that conforms to your standards save time and money.

Data Transformation Bring everything together

We implement publisher-oriented extract, transform and load (ETL) solutions to automate internal and external sales and metadata flow. Ingest data from disparate sources to correlate trends. Export title metadata in custom formats demanded by online vendors.

Quality Assured Data Robust exception handling and cleansing

Configure complex exception handling to alert you to problems with external data before it is loaded into your enterprise systems. Easily delegate data cleansing to the business analyst or finance team best able to correct issues. Monitor all your ETL and cleansing processes from a central dashboard.

Do you know where your titles are?

Title Marketing and Life Cycle Management

Manage printing and distribution all the way from hot title to backlist across your print and digital titles.

Sales Projections Uniform and reliable tools

Empower your sales force with fingertip access to the planning tools they need to help them meet their targets. Using mobile technology they will be able to access in real-time the latest sales goals and title-level sales direction from management. Feedback from selling situations instantly becomes available to help publishers set accurate budgets and initial print quantities

A Birds-Eye View See it all in a glance

See lifetime sales trends, current print and digital availability, point of sale numbers, and sales projection data all on a single dashboard page. Drill-through to detailed sub-reports and download raw data for analysis on your local machine. Data is drawn from your data warehouse via online reports, website monitoring, BookScan data feeds and your own sales reporting systems.

Monitor Digital Distribution Watch those titles

Instantly spot problems with digital distribution. Know at once when and where a title is hung up in its digital distribution chain. Give your publishers the tools they need to proactively address quality and data issues.

Inventory Planning Have the data you need

Watch your inventory stock levels, rate of movement and set your print quantities all from a single tool that allows the inventory analyst to ensure the right titles are hitting your retail supply chains in a timely fashion.

Preservation and Access

Digital Content Solutions

Implement a corporate or academic digital repository that brings your paper-based storage into the 21st century.

Digital Libraries Plan for a digital future

Embrace a standards-based approach to digital preservation and open access, using state-of-the art OAIS compliant digital library technology. We are an experienced end-to-end service provider capable of offering turnkey solutions at cost points attractive to non-profits and service oriented clients.

Digitization and Scanning Move Beyond Paper

Unleash your print archives by using industry best-practices to digitize paper based documents and republish to internal and external audiences. Whether you need a full blown digital asset management platform or a department-scale solution, we have the experience needed to help you setup a sustainable digitization effort.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

Depending on the scope of the work to be done and the needs of the client, Infogetics will either bid a fixed price or work against prepaid blocks of time. For clients able to commit to a multi-month engagement, we offer a 15% discount against our standard hourly rate.

Our nearly two decades of experience in publishing related IT projects distinguishes us from general purpose software development shops. We know the print and digital landscape and can hit the ground running.

We would love to provide you with references as requested. Due to the cutting-edge and often proprietary nature of our work we do not advertise our client relationships. We will offer your organization the same level of confidentiality.